BUNKER THEATRE: Saturday 29.7.17 – Monday 31.7.17

As part of ‘SCREWED’



As part of ‘Come As You Are’ Festival  


About the work…

  • Choreography: Orley Quick
  • Created with and performed by the Hairy Heroines: José Diogo Fernandes de Jesus, Tyrrell Foreshaw and Elliot Minogue-Stone
  • Dramaturgy: Karla Ptáček/Costume Design: Giulia Scrimieri/Lighting design: Joshua Gadsby/Costume Making:  Hania Kosewicz
In ‘As We Like It’ we are trying, very hard, to get to the bottom of how we see and express gender in ourselves, and how we interpret gender in others.  We aim to identify the gender rules we have inherited, we’ve been taught and have worked with all our lives: and shake ‘em up a bit. 

Graham Watts
The hilarious Hairy Heroines delivered a work full of fresh ideas and fun. Three barefoot young men, directed by a woman (Orley Quick), breeze through an episodic performance that cleverly deconstructs the gender rules inherited from childhood. They are charismatic, courageous and – above all – a trio of dynamic performers capable of delivering explosive rage, expressive spoken text, exotic seduction and laugh-out loud humour within ebullient physical theatre. Cudos to those who designed and made the costumes and for an eclectic soundtrack that worked so well.
Nicholas Minns: Writing About Dance
“Quick thus takes us seamlessly from the height of sensibility to the depths of human foibles and what is refreshing is that the performers appear as surprised as we are by the deteriorating turn of events. It is their understated, deadpan performances that raise As We Like It to a high level of artistic achievement but it is Quick’s anarchic, earthy sense of humour that communicates to us throughout, destabilizing appearances to the point of absurdity.” (Click the reviewer’s name for full review)
Isaac Ouro: Gender In Dance
As We Like It is an anomaly. It demands a certain fresh-eyed viewing of it; so we can laugh with the cast, and be taken aback at the sudden injection of random, of play, of fear, of power, and of gender fluidity. This was indeed a deconstruction of gender – a comic exploration of its many manifestations; and an attempt at making us scrutinise gender ideas we accept de facto. And it works. (Click the reviewer’s name for full review and podcast with Isaac Ouro and Orley Quick)
Maya Pindar
Orley Quick’s As We Like It is sexy and witty. The all male trio dive from profound fury, to surprisingly sultry, to agonising and hilarious. Dancer Tyrrell Foreshaw seduces the audience in his floor length gown, dropping to the floor in box splits. As We Like It is hilariously funny.

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